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Foot & Ankle Surgery

Surgery should always be the last resort, but you can look to Dr. Chris Calcagni for a minimally invasive procedure that will fix your injured foot or ankle with significantly reduced down time. He has experience with arthroscopy, endoscopy, and reconstructive surgery.

Dr. Calcagni has also treated patients with trauma to the foot or leg, such as those who have been involved in a car accident or serious injury. Treating traumatic injuries requires specific experience and training. If you are injured and need foot and ankle surgery, choose Coastal Foot & Ankle Center in Naples for high quality care and excellent results.

Dr. Calcagni’s surgical specialties include:

  • Reconstructive surgery of the rearfoot and ankle
  • Reconstruction of symptomatic flat feet in children and adults
  • Trauma care of the foot and leg
  • Correction of congenital deformities
  • Arthroscopic foot and ankle surgery
  • Endoscopic foot and leg surgery
  • Rheumatoid foot reconstruction

Arthroscopy and Endoscopy

Endoscopy and arthroscopy are less invasive procedures than traditional open surgery. The surgeon uses a scope with tiny surgical tools and a camera attached to repair injuries through a couple of small incisions. Arthroscopy is a type of endoscopy performed to diagnose and repair injuries inside a joint (such as the ankle).

Since arthroscopy was developed decades ago, it has been preferred by surgeons and patients who want a conservative surgical treatment option. Compared to open surgery, the benefits of arthroscopy include less down time, decreased pain and scarring, less bleeding, and reduced risk of complications.

Whether you need a podiatrist or a foot and ankle surgeon, Coastal Foot & Ankle Center has you covered. Dr. Calcagni is a talented doctor with specialized training in reconstructive surgery for sports injuries. He is committed to getting the best surgical outcomes for patients with foot and ankle injuries.

Contact Coastal Foot & Ankle Center in Naples, Florida today by calling (239) 596-7024 or you may use our online form to request an appointment with Dr. Christopher Calcagni.